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forward. he pledged $1 billion in u.s. assistance to the struggling ukraine. jim joining us now in moscow. good morning to you. a lot going on to talk about. perhaps more aide from the eu and perry going to paris. >> reporter: that's right. kerry is in paris to discuss with russian counter parts. richard, i think you could say there's been a change in the past 24 hours as far as potential progress. that clearly comes from putin's comments tuesday that he saw no need for the use of force in ukraine and had no desire to annex the peninsula. that allowed the perceptible change from the military confrontation we've been reporting on to take a step back from the brink. today in crimea things repain tense on the ground. there's reports of russians seizing two ukraine missile posts. ukraine is spinning not towards war but diplomatic solution. secretary of state john kerry meeting with the russian counter part in paris is the first face to face meeting since the crisis escalated. perhaps more significantly ukrainians and russians on a governmental level are talking for the first time today. the r
pentagon correspondent jim administration chef ski is tonight traveling with the chairman of the joint chiefs in afghanistan. he joins us by satellite from bagram air base tonight. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. u.s. and nato leaders were already scheduled to meet tomorrow in brussels to talk about the way ahead in afghanistan. instead, they may now be looking for the way out. joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey was about to land in afghanistan tonight when he got the word. start preparing to pull all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year. >> we are at a point where we have to begin planning for other options. >> reporter: in a phone call today, president obama again urged afghan president hamid karzai to sign a bilateral security agreement that would protect any american troops who remain in afghanistan once the war is officially over at the start of next year. karzai once more refused. white house press secretary jay carney said the president immediately ordered plans for a total u.s. withdrawal. >> this is about, essentially planning fo
'60s. well, today we learned that jim lange has died. he was the host for over ten years. he always kept it clean and civil with a wink. his fashions were something to watch over the years. he was a veteran deejay before and after his tv days. jim lange was 81 years old. >>> sign of the times on american airlines. they're dropping bereavement fares for those who must book a flight due to the loss of a loved one. they're blaming their merger with us airways. some carriers still do, but the passenger has to offer proof, and part of the problem is the web often offers even lower fares. >>> another decline to report. this has to do with america's consumption of orange juice, which last year hit a 15-year low. per capita, orange juice consumption among americans down almost 40%. the industry blames the stigmatizing of sugar and changing of the american breakfast habits. >>> when we come back tonight, how a professional race car driver is drawing on a tragedy that hit home to make a difference. >>> tonight our making a difference report is about a man who makes his living in drag racing.
so crews can paint the bridge. if funding is secured lights return in 2016. >>> could jim harbaugh be hunting for a new quarterback? prospect he spent time with. >>> good morning. welcome back. hayward b.a.r.t. station, incident has closed that station this morning. it's going to change up the commute if that's the station you use. mike inouye standing by to let you know the latest details on that. >>> new speculation 49ers may have found a quarterback in this year's draft class. head coach jim harbaugh visited northwestern university for the school's all-pro day. yahoo! sports says, while there, harbaugh spent almost an hour playing catch with the former eastern illinois quarterback. he caught the attention of a lot of pro scouts at senior bowl this year. harbaugh says he's impressed with the quarterback's journey so far. >> caught on camera, warriors' all-star steph curry going head to head with his coach. >> 25-year-old curry in a shoot-out with 49-year-old mark jackson earlier this week. curry arguably the best three-point shooter playing the game. jackson played basketball, to
had to be canceled just today. it has been so cold out for so long, even jim cantore is indoors. actually, we took advantage of having him here in new york tonight to have our friend, the weather channel meteorologist be in the studio with us here tonight. what has to happen? you guys are always talking about new patterns. does new warm air have to come in and just stay for a while? >> what we don't see is a big pattern change, all right. but what we do see is something that may influence the spring going forward. today great lakes ice. we're always watching great lakes ice. statistics have been around since 1963. today, great lakes ice, we're always watching the great lakes ice. this is the most ice we've seen late in the season, the statistics go back to 1963. there were only three times that we saw ice more than 90%, let's look at the march and may outlook. which will basically make up ha what we'll all the meteorological spring. look at the cold air. these are very high probabilities of the cold air hanging over the great lakes. you to think the ice is having a big part in t
devices increase the risk of crashes. >>> coming up, jim harbaugh breaks his silence and a bat interrupts a basketball game. when i was living without insurance, it was very scary. charles not having coverage stressed me out. knowing that i have an insurance card in my pocket gives me a sense of reassurance. i'm in because nobody deserves to be without health insurance. i'm in because my coverage can't be denied. i'm in so i can protect my family and my future. i'm in because she wouldn't take "no" for an answer. i'm in. [ both ] we're in. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? go to before the march 31st deadline. >>> time for sports. 49ers head coach breaking his silence about possibly being traded. >> there was so much going on he was losing the team and having probables with the front office. he had to make a statement. he did that. after the story broke last week, the rumors have been swirling including that he wanted to leave before the final two years of his contract were up. harbaugh said no, zero opportunity or chance of that in
. >> mike: coming up next it's your local news followed by "saturday night live" hosted by jim parsons with musical guest bet. it's not stopped since 5:00 central time. with the initials of gsh, george s. hole las, founder of the bears. formerly in chicago. the only two original nfl franchises from the founding of the leafs. green bay came along soon after, but they wanted to emphasize in chicago there were only two who have gone all those years. i have nothing to say about what we just saw. >> ed: maybe they slipped on the tarp. >> mike: is there another game after this, shirts and skins? i hope they enjoyed it. 4:15 go in the third. swatted at by engelland. forehanded shot. he and rozsival after that one. rozsival tried to chip further and then it is sutter, feeding one. and then battled for and slugged wide by engelland, taken on by leddy. jammed it again. handzus. thrown across to engelland. tapped on by rozsival. swatted by versteeg. thrown by niskanen. paddled aside by crawford. crawford as toews have been impressive. no one more than jonathan toews. led back across. leddy taking
, maybe, perhaps pondering if he should make better life decisions along the way. doing push-ups. >>> jim lang, the first host of the dating game died at the age of 81. lang hosting the show for a decade before moving on to other game shows including $100,000 name that tune, and the newlywed game. that is a guy we all remember quite well, the dating game. >>> girls star allison williams officially engaged to boyfriend of three years ricky van vene. and news anchor dad, brian williams, approves of that. >>> jay leno couldn't stay away from the spotlight for very long as he appeared on the arsenio hall show to make an announcement. >> arsenio hall, officially picked up, will continue for a second season! actually, on the second season, i'm going to be hosting. they didn't tell you that. no. >> great to see those guys together, then. speaking of lost in space epic, how much did sandra bullock get paid to do all that tossing and turning? she reportedly stands to take upward of $70 million thanks to $20 million up front and 15% of the film's box office take. she still might get more. i'm richa
: chicago jim teacher wore number 7, a wide receiver, his freshman year? three operations to repair stress fractures in both legs with titanium rods. now he can't even jog. >> is there every a day you can't feel pain? >> every day i wake up i feel pain, with the rods. i do feel pain. i do feel the guys with ncaa. they should take the rods out. >> reporter: lifetime coverage for sports injuries is one of the goals for current northwestern players who are asking the national labor board to recognize them as a labor union. the players argue they're already full-time players who should have scholarships and rules. it is the boldest assault yet on the ncaa and it is fiercely defending the image of amateur student athletes. their leader? graduating quarterback cane coulter. >> it is almost like a dick dictatorship, where nothing is decided by us. >> reporter: on the sidelines, paid endorsements, and scholarships. >> frankly, money is what this is all about. how do you divide all the money that is made from the big-time sports. >> reporter: division one sports generated an estimated 7 billion the
the death of the first ever host, jim lang died tuesday of a heart attack. he is on the left. he was known for hosting the dating game which debuted in 1965. it was a job he held more than a decade. he was 81. one of the men who confessed to beating bryan stow will stay in jail longer than expected. marvin norwood was sentenced after admitting he beat stow in the parking lot of dodger stadium. because of time served and good behavior he could have been released any day now. however, a judge ordered norwood be held without bail while he awaits a different trial for federal gun charges. the judge said that norwood a danger to the community and a flight risk. >> investigating vandalism, anti-wealth graffiti has been sprayed on cars and garage doors in atherton, it started several days ago. the fbi is handling the case because the bureau tracks movements. officials are not sure if this is an attack on the wealthy or some kind of prank. a man picked the wrong store to rob. police say michael korvin went in, he is pointing at the clerk demanding cash. the clerk wrestles it away. a customer slamm
. here is your host, jim lange. >> best known for his role as host of "the dating game". the show's format questioning three people to determine the best date. >> the dating game was perfect for its time. you have a woman picking from three guys. at home everybody is saying she has to take that number two, he is so handsome. the fact that women were making choices was a total different thing for dating. >> reporter: lange played host to many celebrity guests including michael jackson, arnold schwarzenegger. >> what is your favorite smell, morning, noon or night. >> reporter: jim lange was born in st. paul, minnesota. he worked as a disk jockey for decades and was the morning dj. >> his real love was for radio. >> you are all a little too young to have watched it in its or original form. >>> coming up on trending, chewed up shoes, ruined furniture, why researchers say your dog is not ashamed in the least. >> the year of the bible. we'll tell you more about that right after this. stories ever told to get you in the theaters. more about that right after the theaters. more about that
on your heels. >> managing editor jim robertson got the call. his friend, heidi, the belonged sports editor, was dead. >> we were in shock. the whole -- news room, the whole building was in shock. because everybody knew kim. >> it wasn't pretty, it never is. somebody smashed kent's head, maybe with something like a tire iron and strangled him. investigators found fingerprints on his car and in the victim's hand, strands of hair, which he must surely have pulled from the head of his killer, or perhaps two killers? in that call to 911, those night custodians reported this -- >> i saw two guys in the area. >> were they white or black? >> white. i'd say 19, 20. >> do you remember any kind of description at all on these guys? >> i don't, they were close to six feet. thin. one of them had blonde hair. really, really short blonde hair. >> the trail of bloody footprints, two sets of footprints, led from the parking lot towards a college dorm a few blocks away. but a search there turned up nobody suspicious. ditto for this composite sketch. based on the janitors' descriptions. they vanished l
to even prove carol was dead. that is, until detective jim wallace hit on an idea. to use a tool that didn't even exist when carol lubahn fought with her husband on a march night in 1981. >>> coming up -- the long arm of facebook. >> it's the kind of a place where we say here i am. it's also a place you can find people. >> the result, a dramatic turn in the case and fresh heartbreak for carol's family. >> another nightmare on top of the first nightmare. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you're struggling with bipolar depression, theif once a day latuda,tor withlurasidone hcl,sion, may help you. in clinical studies, latuda has been shown to be effective for many people struggling with bipolar depression. latuda is not for everyone. call your doctor if you have unusual changes in mood, behaviors, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients taking latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles and confusion, as these may be signs of a life-threatening reaction or if yo
of the year. nbc's jim miklaszewski has the story from kabul. >> reporter: natalie, general dempsey will be meeting here today at bagram air base. and clearly, they're going to talk about president obama's order to come up with plans to pull all american forces out of afghanistan by the end of this year. now, general dempsey told us that he could not in good conscience order u.s. men and women into afghanistan if there was no bilateral security agreement that would protect them. general dempsey worries, though, that al qaeda is still alive and active here in afghanistan. and he's concerned that if the u.s. leaves, they'll be leaving that part of the job undone. and while general dempsey would clearly like to keep a small, residual american force here in afghanistan, there is indeed a growing sentiment among some u.s. military officials both here in afghanistan and back in washington, that now may be the best time ever for the u.s. to pick up and pull out of afghanistan. >> jim in kabul, thank you. >>> well, if you own a gm car, listen up, we've got a huge recall to tell you about. g
by jim parsons. in the opening monologue, he broke into song to remind people he's really nothing like his nerdy scientist character on "the big bang theory." joined by other cast members, he calls it, "i'm not that guy." >> i'm a well-adjusted man, not a star trek super fan. i'm not that guy. ♪ i'm not that guy i am much more than that geek who is on your screen 12 times a week ♪ ♪ but it's not just me you know jason alexander did you know he won a tony because he can sing and dance ♪ >> i'm not that guy. >> bill cosby on the cosby show. there's the real bill cosby and he likes sweaters even more. >> well, i am that guy. >> it's so true. >> i love keenan. just bobbing that head. >> all right. >>> another check of the weather. mr. roker. >> who is that guy? >> pork coma. >> i am that guy. i'm proud to be that guy. >> you are that guy. >> that's it. >> king of the red carpet, baby. >> let's show you what we've got going on right now. besides a light show. we are looking at -- >> party's over. >> that's right. >> the week ahead, above-normal temperatures out west. the eastern hal
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